Back in 1985, my first job in the landscape industry began as an assistant to the caretaker of a two acre formal estate. About a year into my new job the caretaker moved away and the owner asked if I wanted to assume the job. Midway into my fifth year, my new employer was gracious enough to comment, “I’ve visited many gardens in my life but since you have been taking care of our gardens, there is no place like home.” Bless his soul; shortly after his passing I began Professional Landscape Care, a maintenance company. It was a modest beginning. I still remember loading plants for my first project into the front seat of my old Chevrolet Blazer. Since those early days our name has changed twice more, from Professional Landscape Service to the latest incarnation of Artisan Landscapes (that’s pronounced art – i – san). I chose Artisan Landscapes because it best reflects my mindset that a beautifully designed landscape is a specialty work of art – an outdoor environment that with quality maintenance services, will mature beautifully. I still have fond memories of my first employer and the privilege I had taking care of his gardens – a privilege that remains with each new customer that I am contracted to serve. It is my hope that you will visit our gardens, gather some new ideas, some inspiration and put our experience to work for you. Sincerely, D.L. McAlister Artisan Landscapes

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